We are NOT Color-blind

Today I read an interesting article (How Racism is Hurting Our Nation’s Foster Children) that revealed a harsh truth in the Foster Care system.

Children of color don’t get adopted as often. They don’t get as many services. They don’t get reunited with family as often. They don’t get as many visits with their birth family. They spend more time in care. When it comes to privatized adoptions of domestic infants, they are offered at a “discounted rate.”

These details are harsh. Sometimes they are difficult for us to swallow so we pretend they don’t exist. But they do exist. Black kids, hispanic kids, biracial kids. They are waiting for us.

They need us to advocate for them as their foster parents. They need us to long for them as their adoptive parents. They need us to break into the busted system and create change.

Systemic racism is an undeniable reality across the board. We see some of the consequences of this systemic problem reflected in the Black Lives Matter movement. We know that there are problems with housing, employment, education, social services, and beyond. We do not live in a post-racial society. We are not color blind.

How do we create change that will last? We be the change. “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” A quote often attributed to Ghandi, but regardless of the author of the quote, we can be the author of the change.

What happens when my children embrace true friendships with kids who don’t share their skin color? What happens when our family embraces children with black skin and brown skin as grafted-in members? What happens when we celebrate differences rather than pretend that they don’t exist?

Family happens. And isn’t that what we’re all here for; to be family? To belong? To be cherished and loved? To be given every opportunity to be the people God designed us to be?

I praise God today that my adoption into the Family of God was not contingent on something as basic as the color of my skin. It wasn’t even contingent on my behavior.

He loves us because HE IS LOVE. He calls us to do the same.

Love without condition, my friends, is the only real love.


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