We are eight, soon to be more, we hope. This blog is our journey through the foster care system. We’d love to have you along!

The Cast of Characters

The Mama – that would be me. I’m the overthinking, extroverted, can’t stop til I’m done, mommy of the group. I love fiercely. I jump to conclusions. I overreact. I ramble and sing badly. I adore Daddy and the little men. I’m particularly fond of Birdie.

Daddy – The man. He is the most proficient child wrangler you’ll ever see. He’s goofy and handy and he can cook. He likes to tell stories about poop. He has the prettiest blue eyes on the planet. He loves kids from hard places with a passion men usually reserve for fantasy football.

Man #1 – Excitable. Courageous. Funny to a fault. Loving. Loud. Compassionate. A grand leader. Our first-born son.

Man #2 – Sensitive. Bug scientist. Dimpled. Goofy. Uncoordinated. Cuter than cute. Our second son.

Man #3 – Sweet as pie. Perpetually dirty fingernails. Believes he’s Batman. Our third son.

Man #4 – Affectionately referred to as the Badger. Loves violently. Smiles then slaps you in the face. Growls. Our fourth son.

Birdie – So sweet, if I ate her, I’d be diabetic. Fat baby. Looks like her daddy. She might be my favorite. (shhhhh, don’t tell.)

T-Man – First kid to ever call me Mom. All grown up. Exceeding expectation.


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